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St. Augustine Spine Center Patient Testimonials

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

Thank you, Drs. Bailey and Albrecht, for enabling me to continue my active sports life at the age of 72. After undergoing the spinal decompression program I can finally play softball 4 days a week without any lower back pain!

Ever since a sports injury in my 20’s I have lived with lower back pain that, at times, prevented me from engaging in sports and normal work around the house. Within the past several years I have had several cortisone shots, which provided temporary relief from my back pain, but did not address the underlying fact that I have moderate disc degeneration.

I am confident that spinal decompression at the St. Augustine Spine Center is the answer to keeping me healthy and active on the softball field for many years to come.

- Gerry A. - St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

When I began decompression treatments with Drs. Albrecht and Bailey, I had sciatica from 3 bulging discs and I was experiencing numbness and tingling in my left leg. This was inhibiting my habitual daily 1 mile walk. It finally got so I wasn’t doing any unnecessary walking, which I couldn’t tolerate. After the whole series of treatments, I am now walking a mile a day, have little tingling in my left foot, and no numbness. I would say I am 90% better, pretty acceptable for an 82 year old. The treatments were painless, the office setting comfortable, and the 2 doctors personable, knowledgeable, and caring.

- Suzanne H.-St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

I had pain in the back of my neck with radiating pain in my arms and a loss of feeling in my right hand. Dr. Albrecht diagnosed me with spinal stenosis and I started a decompression care plan.

With the decompression treatment and Graston soft tissue treatment, my pain was gone and the feeling came back in my hand within 2 visits. Later I received treatment for a pain at the right side of my lower back. This time the pain went away after 2 chiropractic treatments.

All of the treatments were painless and the doctors explained everything and are very considerate. I am very pleased with the results of my treatment at the Spine Center and I feel much better now!

- Billie W. - Elkton, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

I have always led a very active life until chronic back and leg pain prevented me from doing many of the activities I so enjoyed. I tried going to the chiropractor, physical therapy, and shots for relief; nothing seemed to work. Then, I read about the St. Augustine Spine Center. I went for a consultation and was very impressed with the way Dr. Tyler Albrecht explained the spinal decompression procedure and decided to give it a try. Amazingly, I noticed improvement almost immediately. Now, upon completion of the treatment regimen, I have been able to resume many of the activities I love, and, I’m back to living a normal active life.

I am so happy I found the St. Augustine Spine Center!

- Elaine K. -Elkton, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

When I started coming to the St. Augustine Spine Center I had trouble standing and walking for any more than 10-15 minutes before experiencing lower back pain and hip pain. Now, weeks later, I am pain free and can walk, stand, and do work around the house and garden. Thank you Drs. Albrecht and Bailey!

- James C. -St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

I had back pain for 12 years. It progressively worsened and I was advised that spinal fusion was the only solution. Not being too keen to have surgery, I decided to go to the St. Augustine Spine Center. I was surprised to find a dramatic reduction in pain. The therapy was very gentle and never uncomfortable. I heartily recommend that anyone with neck or back pain go to see Drs. Tyler Albrecht and Erin Bailey.

- Pat J. -St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

Over a period of a year I injured my lower back on several occasions. I initially did not give it much thought, as it always went away after a few days of rest. Then, after a very hard day at work, I could not stand up straight or walk more than five yards due to uncontrollable, excruciating PAIN. I could not even take a shower without severe pain. I went to the ER where they determined I may have “acute sciatica".

The following day, I contacted the St. Augustine Spine Center. Dr. Albrecht gave me a physical examination, reviewed my MRI with me, and showed me the extent of my injury. He was VERY detailed and informative about explaining non-invasive spinal decompression therapy. He was so convincing and positive about correcting my injury; I began treatment on the spot.

I spent considerable time with Dr. Erin. She was always very informative, supportive, and knowledgeable, and answered any and all questions that I had. Having completed the treatment, I have recovered fully without surgery. I pretty much do what I want, but just have to be careful with my back. My hat’s off to the Doc’s at the St. Augustine Spine Center. Thank you very much for giving me my life back and the ability to be productive again!

- Gregory R. - St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

Having both neck and lower back issues for years and having both a congenital cervical fusion and surgical lumbar fusion I was skeptical that the decompression treatment would help. However I was without options having been told by my surgeon that my issues were too severe for further surgery. The decompression and therapy results have been DRAMATIC for both neck and back. Pain has lessened and functionality increased! And... Both doctors truly want to make a difference for their patients and truly care! I highly recommend the facility, treatment and doctors!

- Cathy G. - St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

After being diagnosed with severe stenosis in 2005, I had to bear a lot of pain without much hope for a better future. But then I was lucky enough to learn about the St. Augustine Spine Center, and I am so much better now! The treatment was very pleasant! I just relaxed on the machine listening to my favorite music or watching a beautiful movie. Best of all are the results; a considerable reduction in my pain and discomfort. This method works! I am so much better than before. The staff is extremely kind and attentive, so every visit is a pleasure. Thank you St. Augustine Spine Center!

- Stephane Q. –St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

I had spinal stenosis and back pain that made it difficult to walk without a cane. I was concerned that my problem was getting worse without care. I was told by other doctors to get shots, so I did. I had 11 shots and two days later I was back where I started. No good! After that I lived with my pain until I saw an ad in the newspaper for decompression at St. Augustine Spine Center. I hoped it would help, so I had a consultation and started treatment. Since starting the new decompression procedure my pain has improved so much and I can tell I am stronger. Best of all I can now walk without using my cane! The thing I like the most about going to the office is all the support I've been given. Thank you for your concern, you have been very helpful!

- Dolores, A. - St. Augustine Beach, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

In the spring of 2014, I played golf, rode the Red Train and spent the weekend walking around St. Augustine. The next Monday, I could not get out of bed. I visited the local orthopedic group via their walk-in clinic. They could only recommend spinal injections, which were only effective for 3 weeks.

Suffering under intense pain daily and taking a lot of pain killers, I decided to see a local neurologist for a second opinion. MRI’s showed degenerative and bulging discs and spinal space narrowing at multiple levels in my neck and low back. He recommended traditional physical therapy first, and then surgery. Sadly, I felt my only hope was surgery until a nurse friend recommended the St. Augustine Spine Center.

Now, after having going through treatment there, the results are profound. The pain radiating around my hip into my groan is gone. My ability to stand, walk and bend is better than it has been for many, many years. My time committed to this treatment has given my body time to heal itself without medicine. I was also able to continue to work with minimal time off.

I can highly recommend the St. Augustine Spine Center because I am so much improved, it’s unbelievable! The money was well spent and may actually have saved me more down the road on traditional medicine. For me, I now have a group of doctors that I trust for life.

- Deborah K. - St. Augustine

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

After many years of constant back pain from disc problems and so many epidurals and pain pills that sometimes worked but most times did not, I decided to do something else instead of just covering up and not correcting my real problem. I was very limited in what I could do; walking, housework, gardening, or bowling. I was sure I would end up in surgery. A friend came to me with an ad about decompression. I was a bit skeptical, but when I found out it had an 85% success rate I decided to give it a try. It was a painless ½ hour treatment with results showing up by the 2nd week. I would recommend this to anyone who has back problems.

- Carol G. - Palm Coast, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

I was in the worst pain prior to going to Dr. Albrecht. I had an operation twenty years ago on my lower back. My lower back was hurting again and I was told that I needed an operation once again. Other doctors didn’t help. I read about the Spine Center and Dr. Albrecht explained the decompression procedure. I started my treatment and am very pleased. The pain has gone away and I believe the decompression worked. I have been doing exercises at home and follow up as recommended.

- Lorraine P. - St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

I was having a problem sleeping at night due to throbbing sciatic pain, sometimes keeping me awake 2-4 hours in the middle of the night. I had an MRI which revealed an issue with my L4/L5 disc. My physician gave me a choice of seeing a surgeon or seeing a chiropractor for spinal decompression therapy. I chose the latter and was referred to St. Augustine Spine Center. From my first appointment with Dr. Tyler I was impressed with his professionalism. He explained everything in detail even going over my MRI films. I felt very comfortable with the doctor and the treatment process and I started the decompression therapy right away. Within a couple of treatments my pain level was decreasing and within 5-6 treatments I was sleeping better. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend the St. Augustine Spine Center to anyone with sciatic issues. Dr. Tyler and Dr. Erin are amazing!

- Deborah S. - St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

The constant pain I was in limited everything I attempted; it drained my energy. I was concerned that I was not getting any relief after months of ice packs, rest, and shots from a pain management doctor. The shots lasted only a short period of time and I wanted something more permanent.

Then, I came across a newspaper advertisement for the St. Augustine Spine Center. It was very informative and during my consultation I was given more information about my MRI report.

I began to experience some relief even after the first session. It’s great to get relief without pills or shots, with little time involved. The atmosphere is quiet, calming and refreshing. This is more than a regular chiropractic visit!

- Brenda G.-Elkton, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

A few months ago I began experiencing severe back and sciatic nerve pain. I tried many different treatments and all were unsuccessful. I thought I was at a dead end, but then I heard about the St. Augustine Spine Center. Although I was skeptical at first, I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, the spinal decompression and therapy sessions began working… quickly. Thanks to Dr. Albrecht and Dr. Bailey, my treatment has been successful.

- John A. –St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

After dealing with back pain for several years, I read about St. Augustine Spine Center. My goal was to improve my ability to walk pain-free for longer distances than I had recently found to be possible. I love walking outdoors, so this was very discouraging.

After a consultation with Dr. Albrecht and an introduction to all of the special equipment used at the spine center, I agreed to enter into the program.

After approximately two months of treatment, I have found that my back pain is significantly reduced while walking. I have also begun using a treadmill at slow speeds with the goal of gradually increasing my endurance with walking. Here, also, I experienced no back pain.

I still have some discomfort when first getting out of bed in the morning but it only lasts for a very short time, and is much more acceptable than what I lived with before taking part in this program.

- John G. - St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

I entered St. Augustine Spine Center with a herniated disc. My body was very weak and left me feeling like a shattered piece of glass. I opted against being operated on. My consultation with Dr. Tyler Albrecht was informative and enlightening, and detailed what the sessions would involve. My experience at the Spine Center was more than just healing. The knowledge and professionalism of both Dr. Erin and Dr. Tyler and the calming environment eased my mind and lifted my spirits. The decompression machine successfully made me feel like a new person and gave me a new lease on life!

- Rosemary M. - St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting success when I started my spinal decompression treatment. After suffering many years with numerous back issues, including laser surgery for disc herniations, I had pretty much accepted 24/7 back pain. Much to my surprise, the painless and relaxing treatments gave me substantial improvement, creating a happier lifestyle and better balance. It took patience, but after a few visits, things started to improve. I am very grateful to the expertise and kindness on behalf of the doctors and hope to continue visits in the future for maintenance. Thank you again Drs. Albrecht and Bailey!! You are making a difference in people’s lives!

- Nancy S. –St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

My pain was in my lower back, right leg and right foot. After an exam by a “pain doctor” and six weeks of physical therapy, the pain had not diminished. At my request, the “pain doctor” ordered an MRI which revealed several bulging and herniated disks. I saw the St. Augustine Spine Center’s article in the paper and went there for an exam. After 7 weeks of spinal decompression and other chiropractic modalities and home-based exercises, I am pain free! Spinal decompression and chiropractic care works!!

- Dr. David Bortnick - St. Augustine, FL

Note: Patient Testimonials are actual patients not actors. The statements made by them are based solely on their personal experiences and views and are not endorsed by St. Augustine Spine Center. Actual results may vary from patient to patient.