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Disc Rehabilitation Program

Our comprehensive Disc Rehabilitation Program includes several modalities with the latest technology to help you get back on your feet and out of pain.

We combine spinal decompression with rehabilitative exercises to retrain and balance the muscles in your back and neck. Vibration therapy helps improve muscular strength and increases flexibility, while chiropractic care improves joint mobility and alignment within the spine. Additional treatments include laser therapy, physiotherapy, back braces, nutritional counseling, and home exercise programs.

Since we have so many different therapies available, we are able to customize a treatment program for you depending on your pain level and the cause of the pain. Our goal is to treat the source of your pain, so that you can get back to living a normal and pain free life again!

About The SpineMED® System

We utilize SpineMED®, believed by many experts to be the most advanced decompression system in world. The patented design represents the latest evolution in decompression technology.

SpineMED® is engineered to overcome the limitations and side effects of previous decompression devices. Uncomfortable nylon harnesses, rigid pegs in the underarms, and antiquated traction components have all been replaced with advanced electronic controls designed to precisely target and decompress injured spinal segments with a significantly lower distractive force.

Lower force can reduce negative side effects, increase patient comfort, and allow SpineMED® to be offered to acute, frail, or elderly patients who cannot tolerate the higher forces of older decompression devices.


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How is SpineMED® decompression different than traction or inversion?

Unlike conventional traction or inversion devices, which often cause a muscle spasm or guarding reflex; SpineMED® has an advanced computer system with built-in load sensors that immediately decrease the pull when muscles tense up. This avoids the typical muscle guarding reflex and is much more effective at decompressing the disc.

In addition, SpineMED® specifically targets either the lumbar spine (low back) or cervical spine (neck), instead of dispersing a pull throughout the entire body, like an inversion device.

Control and specificity are two key features that distinguish our treatment and make it so effective at relieving pain.

"Still active and healthy!"

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

Thank you, Drs. Bailey and Albrecht, for enabling me to continue my active sports life at the age of 72. After undergoing the spinal decompression program I can finally play softball 4 days a week without any lower back pain!

Ever since a sports injury in my 20’s I have lived with lower back pain that, at times, prevented me from engaging in sports and normal work around the house. Within the past several years I have had several cortisone shots, which provided temporary relief from my back pain, but did not address the underlying fact that I have moderate disc degeneration.

I am confident that spinal decompression at the St. Augustine Spine Center is the answer to keeping me healthy and active on the softball field for many years to come.

Gerry A. - St. Augustine, FL

"Improvement almost immediately!"

St. Augustine Spine Center Patient

I have always led a very active life until chronic back and leg pain prevented me from doing many of the activities I so enjoyed. I tried going to the chiropractor, physical therapy, and shots for relief; nothing seemed to work.

Then, I read about the St. Augustine Spine Center. I went for a consultation and was very impressed with the way Dr. Tyler Albrecht explained the spinal decompression procedure and decided to give it a try.

Amazingly, I noticed improvement almost immediately. Now, upon completion of the treatment regimen, I have been able to resume many of the activities I love, and, I’m back to living a normal active life.

I am so happy I found the St. Augustine Spine Center!

Elaine K. -Elkton, FL